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I dreamed this day might come

SHINEE WERE ON MY TV AND IT WAS PERFECTION. That being said, eternal lols at the announcer calling them shinny.

I wonder about these things

So does fergie already have my boy on mod-rock, or does she intend to do so at some point in the future?
1 am fire slarms can suck my cock. That is all.
Saw my first hate meme today, I know right baby's all grown up. Insanity, seriously, with out even the excuse of being korean (no hate for the koreans.) At first it was funny, then it was just sad. Still, lol at fandom, and I don't care what anyone says kanjani8 rocks, you're just jealous that your units aren't half as cool.
Hot damn I miss Nobuta wo produce, oh and incidentally Merry Christmas, but back to my intial point: NOBUTA. I miss it like burning -well a lot at any rate. I think we're well beyond the point now where we can reasonably expect a sequel or an SP but dammit if that wasn't my favourite drama EVER. *bawls* I really want some NWP preferably Akira/Nobuta fic as well and theres next to none. It's killing my soul. Soon I'll do something unreasonable like right it myself and that'll just end badly. I've got a metaphor my head that triggering my gag reflex so best not commit it to er... screen.

Nobuta Power, Chu-nyu.

So yeah, I thought I was finished apparently not. Nobuta's the only reason I even like Yamapi now, up until then I wasn't even sure he was a human being. Whenever his stoic twat act get on my wick, I can always remember the joy of Kusano Akira. Why can't he be real? I mean I 'know' his character was mostly improved by yamapi so is in effect real (lol my arse off, at the idea of him doing that to annoy kame, even if that isn't particularly true) but you know what I mean. Mleh!

grr I am a malcontent.

The day Livejournal went down.

So here's the long and short of it. Ddos attacks? Not cool. You know who you are (not that you would be on my LJ, but wonders never cease to amaze).  I know this was like Thursday, but it's taken me a while to come to terms with what happened enough to write about it. That was for the most part a joke. Kinda. What really gets me is the fucking irony of the fact that the very night before I watched that episode of south park where the internet goes down. If that's not prophetic I don't know what fucking is.

Could I have punctuated that last sentence less? Seriously. Uh, wait . Not last sentence penultimate sentence...  This is why I don't normally proof read.

Edit: realised I'm not quite done ranting. What's even freakier about the whole thing was I had spent the hours prior to 'the incident' (yes I'm really that lame) researching 4chan due to the internet hijinks they'd pulled with the shutting down Habbo Hotel and what not. I'm a wee bit freaked.

Okay, definitely over and out this time. Screw proof reading, I don't want to be confronted with how little sense I'm making right now.

The time has come

It's a pivotal moment in the life of every JE fangirl and I'd always known mine was coming. *sigh* I officially have a johnny's jail bait crush on Nakayama Yuuma. He's like three years younger than me but he's <i>so</i> pretty :'( I FEEL SO OLD!

Well if loving him is wrong, I'm not sure I wanna be right. OH DEAR GOD HE MAKES ME TALK IN CLICHES.


Any body else noticed that livejournal mobile is beyond basic, or is that just me and my phone?

Life and other such things

Life is kicking my arse with out remorse or cessation. It's really going for it as well and is yet so show even a hint or fatigue. If it wasn't happening to me and ya know, sucking so much, I'd be impressed.